About me

Hello! I’m a science enthusiast from Brussels, based in London. I currently work at Seraphim Capital, the world’s first VC fund for space technology startups. Last year, I co-founded the AIBE Summit (Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship) and continue to serve on its Board. I’m also the Editor of The Social Humanist, an international journal with articles in Economics, Politics, and Science. As an undergraduate, I studied Law at UCL and Philosophy of Science at LSE, with a focus on metaphysics.

My main interests include space, nature, philosophy, and music. In my free time, I enjoy biking and playing guitar & drums. Having worked on various projects, I’m experienced in graphic design, web design, video editing, journalism, and thinking about stuff. My languages include English, French, Turkish, and Spanish. I’m also somewhat familiar with Blender (3D modelling), Unity (VR game engine), and Arduino (robotics). Always looking to learn more – time is the only limit.

In general, I’m just trying to understand the universe. What are the laws that govern our physics? What is the nature of reality? How does artificial intelligence emerge from neural networks? Are there exoplanets out there with astrobiology? Will we ever become a multi-planetary species? How can we explain such elusive concepts as spacetime, consciousness, and quantum mechanics? Let’s find out!

Twitter: @BartuKaleagasi
LinkedIn: BartuKaleagasi
E-mail: bartukaleagasi@gmail.com