About me

Hello! I’m a futurist & environmentalist from Brussels, with roots in Istanbul, now based in London.

I currently study MSc Technology Management at UCL with a focus on space.  Since last year, I’ve been working at Seraphim Capital, the world’s first venture fund for space technology startups. This year, I founded the UCL Space Society and I’m the Chairman of UCL Green Economy. In 2016, I co-founded the AIBE Summit – Artificial Intelligence in Business & Ethics, which I continue to manage as a board member. During my undergraduate years, I studied Law at UCL with a focus on EU & Environmental Law, as well as Philosophy of Science at LSE. Sounds a bit random? Well, there was some logic to it… I think.

My main interests include space, nature, philosophy, and music. Those are the areas which I find to be the most fundamental to our existence. At the moment, I’m particularly interested in the intersection between space technology and environmentalism. With the rise in low-cost rockets and small satellites enabling greater access to space, Earth observation has become much easier. This not only creates hundreds of new opportunities for climate science, but also allows us to witness the overwhelming beauty of our planet from above. I believe that the Overview Effect has the potential to give people a cosmic perspective which allows us to better understand the Earth’s interconnectedness with its biosphere, realising that humanity’s problems transcend political boundaries. We will become a civilisation which strives towards global peace, social progress, and respect for the environment. In my free time, I enjoy biking, swimming, photography, and playing guitar/drums/piano.

My life is mostly about exploring the big picture. In doing so, there are many questions which remain mysteries. What is the nature of reality? What are the laws that govern our physics? How does intelligence emerge from complexity? How can we balance economic development with climate change? Are there exoplanets out there with astrobiology? Will we ever become a multi-planetary species? How can we explain such elusive concepts as spacetime, consciousness, and beauty? Let’s find out!

Twitter: @BartuKaleagasi
LinkedIn: BartuKaleagasi
E-mail: bartukaleagasi@gmail.com