Sinusoidal Physics Investigation

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The aim of this collection of data was to observe the change in position (m), of a weight on a spring when released, over a certain period of time. Throughout this experiment, several manipulations were made to the setup of said weight on spring in order to analyze particular cases and the results of such. This was done so using a Vernier Probe, through the use of a Logger Pro system, in order to ensure accuracy and consistency of information. The data collected was plotted onto the appropriate software as points of position vs. time. This information, including the modified versions relevant to each question of the investigation, was then formulated into estimated sinusoidal equations, as well as compared with automatically generated regressions. The focus of the experiment as a whole was on finding out which physical variable affected which aspect of the equation models, in terms of variables such as amplitude, translation, and period.

Date: February 4th 2013

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