Artificial Intelligence

Areas of interest: machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, generative adversarial networks (GANs), evolutionary algorithms, music composition, computer vision, self-driving cars, philosophy of intelligence, AI law & robot rights, brain-computer interface, neuroscience

AIBE Summit

This year, I co-founded the AIBE Summit (Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship) as its Vice-President. Our mission is to increase public understanding and intellectual discussion on the implications of AI for the business world. The AIBE Summit 2017 turned out to be a success, with over 650 people attending our QEII Centre venue in Westminster, London.

Speakers: Centre for Future Intelligence, Cambridge University, Imperial College, Jukedeck, LSE, Calum Chace, Seedcamp, IBM, Satalia, UCL, Microsoft, CognitionX

Exhibitions: Tesla Motors, Aiva Technologies, IntelligentX, Aire, Bibblio, Antix,, ASI Data Science, Artomatix, Ernest AI, ForwardLane, Avalon AI, Red Sift, SentiSum, Kompas

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Aiva Technologies

Aiva Technologies is a startup based in Luxembourg and London which uses deep learning algorithms to compose classical music. Aiva’s musical pieces are used as soundtracks for film directors, advertising agencies, and even game studios.

It reads through a large database of classical partitions written by the most famous composers (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) and uses reinforcement learning to create its own mathematical models of music theory. The sheet music that it produces is then played by professional artists on real instruments in a recording studio, achieving the best sound quality possible.

As an intern, I am helping with business development, media outreach, and machine learning interns.

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