Science & Philosophy talks

The Cosmic Web: galaxy clusters by Richard Gott (Princeton University) – Royal Institution [tweet]

Quantum gravity: black holes & causal set theory by Fay Dowker – Imperial College London [tweet]

Black hole thermodynamics by Craig Callender (UCSD) – LSE Sigma Club

Biochemistry: water & proteins by Sylvia McLain (Oxford University) – Royal Institution

Multi-agent learning for AI research by Thore Graepel (DeepMind) – Alan Turing Institute [tweet]

Democratisation of artificial intelligence by Rob Fraser (Microsoft) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

Big data and the future of AI by Daniel Hulme (Satalia CEO) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

User experience to human experience with AI by Hugo Pinto (IBM) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

Venture capital for AI by Carlos Espinal (Seedcamp) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

Is AI a threat to the future of humanity by Calum Chace (author) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

The effect of AI on businesses and startups by Carsten Sorensen (LSE) – AIBE Summit 2017

Deep learning & neural networks by Ed Newton-Rex (Jukedeck founder) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

The history and progress of AI by Stefanos Zafeiriou (Imperial College) – AIBE Summit 2017

Philosophy of intelligence by Stephen Cave (Centre for Future Intelligence) – AIBE Summit 2017 [tweet]

Computer science: P = NP problem by Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College) – Royal Institution [tweet]

Quantum mechanics by PhD students in Physics – Imperial College London [tweet]

The secret world of space junk by Project Adrift – Royal Institution [tweet]

Google DeepMind and AlphaGo by Shane Legg (DeepMind co-founder) – UCL Entrepreneurs [tweet]

Exoplanets and astrobiology by Giovanna Tinetti (UCL) – Royal Institution

Renewable energy transition towards 2100 by Geoffrey Maitland – Imperial College London

Large Hadron Collider at CERN by Paul Dauncey – Imperial College London [tweet]

Robotics: Boston Dynamics by Marc Raibert (Boston Dynamics founder) – UCL Entrepreneurs [tweet]

Quantum field theory by David Tong (Cambridge University) – Royal Institution [tweet]

Electric & self-driving cars by Georg Ell (Tesla Motors) – UCL Entrepreneurs [tweet]

Metaphysics: brain in a vat by Forum for European Philosophy – LSE [tweet]

Astrobiology: search for alien life by Jim Al-Khalili (The Life Scientific) – Royal Institution [tweet]

The Second Machine Age by Andrew McAfee (author) – UCL Entrepreneurs [tweet]

Automation: the future of work by The Economist – UCL [tweet]

Technological Singularity & AI by Murray Shanahan – Imperial College London [tweet]

Artificial intelligence by Chris Bishop (Microsoft) – Royal Institution [tweet]

Space exploration & astronauts by Mike Massimino (NASA) – Royal Institution [tweet]

International Space Station by Time Peake (ESA) & Tim Kopra (NASA) – Royal Albert Hall [tweet]

Cosmology & particle physics by Sean Caroll (CalTech) – Royal Institution [tweet]

Computer science & AI by Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) – LSE [tweet]

Quantum computing & cryptography by American Express – UCL Tech Society [tweet]

Philosophy of science: Karl Popper by Sir Paul Nurse (Francis Crick Institute) – LSE

Field theory in classical physics by James Weatherall (UC Irvine) – LSE Sigma Club

Astrophysics & astrobiology by Lord Martin Rees (Astronomer Royal) – New Scientist Live [tweet]

Vacuums: physics and math by New Scientist writers – New Scientist Live

Gravitational waves by Martin Hendry (LIGO) – New Scientist Live

Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe (XKCD comics) – New Scientist Live

Star Trek: fact and fiction by science communicators – Royal Institution [tweet]

Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age – exhibition at the London Science Museum [tweet]

New Horizons & Pluto by Mendeley team – Wilson Center [tweet]

NASA: Future of space exploration by Ellen Stofan (NASA) – UCL [tweet]